3 Birthday Gift Ideas For The Teen Who Wants To Be A YouTube Star

So your teen wants to become a YouTube star. They've been obsessing over their looks, practicing with the camera, and trying to set up makeshift "studios" throughout the house to film in front of. Since their birthday happens to be coming up, why not help make their YouTube dreams come true? Here are three awesome gift ideas to consider: A Pocket HD Video Camera Every YouTube video creator needs a pocket HD video camera so they can capture events and instances no matter where they're at.

Helping Your Child Win An Art Contest (Without Doing The Work For Them)

So your child has expressed interest in sending their work to an art contest. And hey: they actually have a good level of talent! That's awesome, but they're still going to need a little help from their mom. No, you shouldn't actually do the art project for them, but you can help streamline the process and make it easier for them. Help Them Choose The Medium Before starting anything, you need to find out what medium your child is interested in pursuing.