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3 Birthday Gift Ideas For The Teen Who Wants To Be A YouTube Star

So your teen wants to become a YouTube star. They've been obsessing over their looks, practicing with the camera, and trying to set up makeshift "studios" throughout the house to film in front of. Since their birthday happens to be coming up, why not help make their YouTube dreams come true? Here are three awesome gift ideas to consider:

A Pocket HD Video Camera

Every YouTube video creator needs a pocket HD video camera so they can capture events and instances no matter where they're at. So even if your teen already has access to a video camera to use at home, consider gifting them with a small pocket-sized camera that takes photographs and HD videos of at least 15 minutes in length. They'll be able to use it at school when hanging out with friends, while traveling, and when they're going to document an event and don't want to carry large or heavy equipment with them.

Some Backdrop Accessories

More than likely, your teen will want to produce professional quality YouTube videos at home in addition to the videos they create on the road. They'll need some backdrops to use to create appropriate scenes based on what their videos are about, so gift them with a tub full of accessories for them to use. Invest in a large plastic tub with a lid and fill it with items such as:

  • Velvet material
  • Colored light covers
  • Wall sconces
  • Tapestries
  • Posters

The idea is to provide them with accessories that they can use alone or in combination with one another to create different types of backdrops that complement their YouTube content.

A Color Grading Workshop Gift Certificate

An excellent way for your teen to set their YouTube channel apart from their competition is to learn how to create awesome cover art and thumbnails for their channel page, as well as vibrant video footage to publish. Give them a gift certificate for a color grading workshop, and they'll learn all the need to know about staying ahead of the curve when it comes to designing their YouTube channel and video footage. They'll learn things like how to work with RAW footage to create crisp, clear videos, what tools they'll need to properly color grade their footage, and when and how to use grading suites.

These gift ideas are sure to impress your teen and give them an opportunity to make their YouTube dreams come true.