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Tips For Achieving An Office With A Feng Shui Flow

Many people spend the majority of their waking hours in the office. This is important to note because many people do not take the time to make sure that their office is soothing and is arranged to maximize the energy flow through the room. Here are some tips for organizing your office so that it is able to achieve a feng shui flow.

1. Consider What's Behind You

One factor to focus on is what is behind you. If you sit in front of a window, you may want to consider moving because a window that faces dead air might not provide the inner-energy support that you need to remain fully functional. Instead, consider moving your desk so that your back is to a wall, because the wall will be able to strengthen your energy and increase the overall sense of energy that you have in the room. If your window faces a tall building and you don't want to change where your desk is situated, the tall building might be able to provide you the support that you need.

Finally, do all of this while keeping in mind that your desk needs to face the main door that leads into your office. This is because this is the unspoken command position that will help strengthen your position.

2. Organize Your Desk According to a Bagua Map

A bagua map is a general layout that will allow you to maximize the good that everyone wants in their life and line up their work space in order to achieve these different good things. Here's how to do it:

In the top left corner of your desk, you need to place something that maximizes abundance and prosperity. You might want to consider placing a green plant at this corner of your desk because green symbolizes money to many people, or you might want to put something such as a valuable statuette.

In the top center of your desk, put something that represents fame and the reputation that you have or want to have in the future. One option for this space on your desk is to have your name placard that has your position within your company or your business cards.

In the top right corner of your desk, place a picture of someone that you love or a single flower if you are single. This space on your desk should be reserved for romantic relationships.

In the center row of your desk on the far left, place a picture of your family. Even if you just consider your family to be your pet, put a picture of your dog on your desk. Keep the very center of your desk clear in order to promote health, and then in the right of the center of your desk, put something that personally accesses your creativity. If you're an artist, a blank sketchpad might work.

Finally, the bottom row of your desk should contain something that symbolizes wisdom to you on the left, something that symbolizes your career in the center or keep the center clear, and something that symbolizes travel on the right. 

By doing this, you will be able to promote harmony and satisfaction in your office. Talk to a company that specializes in feng shui office art for additional decor items.