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4 Tips For Designing The Perfect Wedding Tattoo

Wedding tattoos are growing in popularity. They are often thought of as more permanent than a ring and they can be a more ethical choice for people who are concerned about the methods used for procuring precious stones and metals. Before you head to the tattoo shop, though, you should consider these four tips for designing unique wedding tattoos. 

Consider Your Family 

The wedding day is usually about joining two unique people into a lifelong union. Because of this, you may be tempted to design a tattoo that represents you and your spouse as the individuals you are before your marriage. However, because tattoos are permanent, they will end up representing not only your wedding day, but your marriage. For this reason, try to think beyond the moment of your union and select a tattoo that sets the foundation of your future family.

You may want to consider aspects of traditional family crests when you are selecting your wedding tattoos.  

Select a Design that Will Stand the Test of Time 

Unfortunately, not all unions last a lifetime due to divorce or the early death of a spouse. However, your tattoo should be something that you will continue to wear with pride and fondness even in a worse-case scenario. For this reason, consider designs that represent growth and shared morals as opposed to designs that solely indicate your union. 

For example, you may not be satisfied with an interlocking tattoo in the future unless yours makes sense on its own as well as part of a pair. A truly spectacular wedding tattoo will showcase your self as well as how your union makes you a better person. 

Go With a Truly Unique Design 

While tattoo studios have a large selection of clip art and ready-designed tattoos, you may be disappointed to see you unique wedding tattoo being sported by another couple. To prevent this, either go into the studio with your own design or work with the artist to modify an existing design to make it your own. 

Think Beyond the Ring Finger

Tattoos on the hands tend to fade and blur more quickly than tattoos elsewhere on the body. This is because of the tough skin on the hands and their constant use. You may want to consider placing your tattoo somewhere else, such as on the forearm or wrist to give your artist a larger canvas to work with and to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful tattoo. 

A wedding tattoo should be something you are proud to show, so it is important to consult a talented artist with plenty of experience.