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3 Ways To Make Your Trade Show Booth Pop

Trade shows are a great way to get information about your business out to people. But, if your booth at the show doesn't catch people's eyes, they aren't going to stop, no matter how great your product or service is. So what can you do to help attract people to your booth so that you can grow your business?


One way to bring people to your booth is to have a prime location. If people see your booth first, they are more likely to remember your booth. Prime locations include booths by the entrance and exit and booths on the end. Those are the ones that people see first and aren't usually as hidden by other booths. When you register for your booth, you can ask for one of those locations. You will have to get your request in as soon as possible since there are going to be plenty of other people who will want those locations too. Locations on the end will likely cost more, especially since they are often bigger. 


Another way to work on having a good booth is to use a booth that is versatile. That means that you have a booth that can be used in any size space there is. If your booth is versatile, you won't have to worry whether you have a large or a small space—you can attract customers no matter what size booth you have.


People are going to remember something that entertains them. For instance, consider having a simple game that people can play. It doesn't have to be anything huge, but something fun that could win them a little prize—with your logo on it, of course—will give them something to remember you buy. Make sure that the game is themed with your service, or even uses one of your product. For example, if your company makes kid's clothing, you may have a game where people have to dress a doll in your line of clothing. 

Trade shows are a great place to make connections and generate leads. People who are in need of your services or products can come and check out what you offer. But if you don't have a good booth that will attract their attention, they aren't going to stop and look at what you can do for them and their business.

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