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Four Memorable 10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

There are many wonderful milestones to celebrate throughout your marriage, and the tenth wedding anniversary is one of the biggest. You have been a happily married couple for a decade, and you should work hard to celebrate it. Whether you are buying a budget-friendly gift as you are saving money for a second honeymoon, or you want to splurge a little, these ideas will be the perfect way to tell your wife how much you love her.

Relive Your Engagement

If you think your wife would like to renew your vows, why not also propose the same way you did ten years ago? This can create a beautiful memory that she will always treasure. If you had a public proposal, such as at a ball game or with your family and friends gathered, try to get everyone together and make the proposal the same as it was. If you proposed in a restaurant, call ahead to make reservations in a private room and let her relive that moment all over again.

Personalize a Photo Canvas

Photo canvases are a great way to personalize a gift for your wife. You can choose any type of photo or saying to put on the canvas. One idea is to print your wedding vows on canvas. These could either be traditional wedding vows, or excerpts from your personal vows if you wrote your own when you got married. You can also personalize it with your wedding photo, or a collage of your engagement photo, wedding photo, and a more recent photo.

Get a Keepsake Box Engraved

Have you found a keepsake box you think your wife would love? Why not have it engraved? The traditional gift for a 10-year anniversary is tin and aluminum. You can find a decorative keepsake box made of these metals, then have it engraved. Go one step further by including a new piece of jewelry inside the box when you give it to her.

Buy a New Wedding Band

The modern gift for a 10-year anniversary is diamond jewelry, so you can also incorporate this if you are willing to splurge a little. You can buy your wife a new wedding band that matches her current wedding set, which is a common gift for this type of anniversary. If her wedding ring was inexpensive when you gave it to her, you might want to upgrade it to a higher quality ring. You can also get her current wedding ring customized to add more diamonds.